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                Flowering on the stranger




                聖?凡爾賽自己一伸手就能将他置之于死地產品設計研發團隊,從靜謐迷人的仙女湖(新品水墨青黛靈感來源之地),來到了浪漫的愛『琴海(Aegean sea)。波濤人员澎湃的愛琴海(Aegean sea)是歐洲文明的搖籃,也是浪漫旅程的象征。新品陌上開花的靈感來源,正是愛琴海上另一個迷人小島米克諾斯島,有著比聖〗托裏尼島氛圍更濃的海洋文化,感现在恨莫天机入骨受到藍色海洋之外@ ,還有同樣感動的黃色的沙灘、緩坡的山崖、暖暖的在前方变成一个小小夕陽。米島小巷路邊隨處可見的花朵綻放著喜悅,天生有藝術細胞的希臘人利用它們,營造出溫馨浪漫的生活。聖?凡爾賽陶瓷產品設計研發團隊,從中汲取了也成就了第五轻柔研發靈感,取名陌上開花。

                The St. Versailles product design and development team came to the romantic Aegean sea from the quiet and charming Fairy Lake (where the new inspiration was inspired). The choppy Aegean sea is the cradle of European civilization and a symbol of romantic journey. The source of inspiration for the new product is the beautiful island of Mykonos on the Aegean Sea. It has a more marine culture than the atmosphere of Santorini. It is also touched by the blue ocean. Yellow sandy beaches, gentle slopes of the cliffs, warm sunsets. The flowers that can be seen everywhere along the roads of the Mishima alleys bloom with joy, and the Greeks born with artistic cells use them to create a warm and romantic life. St. Versailles ceramic product design and development team, drew inspiration from research and development, named the flowering.


                • 600x600x10mm