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                水墨青黛,聖?凡爾賽陶瓷2019仿古磚新品。其靈感來源於蘇◣格蘭天空島(Isle of Skye)上的◤仙女湖。蘇格蘭天空島(Isle of Skye),離脸就没再看他看一眼世俗喧囂,保留著大自然〇最純凈、最原始、最神秘的美,被譽為英國最仙境的地方,堪稱英國的世外桃源。島上著名的仙女湖為黛青♀色,純凈、靜謐如同仙境。光影相映,雲霧相繞,正如一幅賦有中國意境之美的水墨丹青。聖?凡爾賽№陶瓷產品設計研發團隊,從中╱汲取了研發靈感,取名水墨青黛。

                Ink and ink, St. Versailles ceramic 2019 antique brick new. It was inspired by the Fairy Lake on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Isle of Skye, Scotland, is the world's most sacred place, retaining the purest, most primitive and mysterious beauty of nature. It is regarded as the most fairyland in the UK and is a British paradise. The famous fairy lake on the island is indigo, pure and quiet like a fairyland. The light and shadow are matched, and the clouds are surrounded by each other, just like an ink-and-dark blue with the beauty of Chinese artistic conception. The St. Versailles ceramic product design and development team drew on research and development inspiration, named after the ink and wash.


                • 600x600x10mm