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                home - Service


                Product service system

                1.3產品專〓業配套,國內ξ 唯一連線加工生產線,可實現裁切巨大產品連續生產,直接入倉,且加工能力強。

                1.1 product research and development, for different special needs of the site to be adjusted accordingly. Such as: increase the friction, change the surface effect, improve the brick formula.
                1.2 Product customization, for the design to continuously improve the individual needs, can provide stone, wood, imitation metal, imitation silk fabrics, imitation of a variety of new building materials customization, and small quantities can be customized (300m2 above).
                1.3 professional product support, the only connection processing domestic production lines, cutting products can be achieved continuous production, direct warehousing, and processing capacity.
                1.4 Professional packaging products, for different project requirements, the entire shipping, bulk transportation, with the same paragraph of the proportion of the proportion of the proportion of construction transportation and other value-added services.


                On-site service system

                2.3公司制定工地服務人甚至可能幫它進階員服務準則,所有服務人你們放心員按標準操作流程(standard operation procedure)公司每月按服務質量進行考評。

                2.1 All on-site service staff are the company's direct employees, have been trained in the production of professional knowledge of product features and product applications have a profound understanding.
                2.2 The service system staff in the ceramic industry practitioners for more than three years, management staff more than 10 years of work experience.
                2.3 Companies to develop site service personnel service guidelines, all service personnel according to standard operating procedures (standard operation procedure) The company monthly service quality evaluation.
                2.4 There are nearly 20 offices directly under the country throughout the country, providing efficient and rapid service and solving various problems in the cooperation process. The city where the office is located requires a response within 12 hours. Outside the city where the office is located, respond within 24 hours. Check, unloading, damage and other matters defined. During the construction, the requirements of the pre-paving guide, paving the follow-up and paving the return visit. After the construction is responsible for acceptance, please payment. With systematic service, to win the trust of customers.